Rolf Binder, inventor of the ONDAMED Technology and founder of the Ondamed companies.

Rolf Binder

Rolf Binder earned his degree in electronics in Lahr, Germany, where he then continued to work in research and development at a German biomedical technology company for twelve years.

In 1993, Binder produced an entirely novel approach to health and wellness with his invention of the ONDAMED technology, which uses focused pulsed electromagnetic fields (fPEMF) combined with biofeedback. His goal was to create a treatment modality for the medical field, offering a personalized, non-invasive, targeted intervention driven by the patient’s hidden emotional information, potentially linking to physiological stress and disease.

In 1994, he founded his company, Ondamed GmbH, and launched the technology on the German-speaking market.
The U.S. office, Ondamed Inc., was opened in New York in 2002, and in 2018, Ondamed Nigeria Ltd. was launched in Abuja, Nigeria.
By 2021, more than 3,000 practitioners of diverse specialties use the ONDAMED technology in hospitals, private clinics, well-being centers, as well as private homes all over the globe.

Rolf Binder’s passion for magnetism and its effects on biology continues, with more bio-physical technology developments underway.