Our Program Includes

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  • One-on-one Basic Education and Certification for professionals and private users of ONDAMED and other select bio-medical technologies

  • Intensive Practitioner Courses and Certification for the advanced user of ONDAMED and other select bio-medical technologies in larger group settings

  • Individual Basic Skype Trainings for use of ONDAMED and other select bio-medical technologies

  • Medical Consultation either by personal visit to the Institute Headquarters in Germany or Greece - Click here for our 1-Week or 2-week Intensive Healing Retreat in Germany and here for our Intensive Healing Retreat in Greece
    or by email, phone and skype focusing on a complimentary/integrative medicine model involving the use of different philosophical approaches such as Intuition, Nutrition, Life style, Homeopathy, Anthroposophy, Epigenetics, Bio-Energetic Field, Environmental Influences, TCM, Ayurveda, Unresolved Shock/Trauma, Biological Dentistry, and Osteopathy.

  • The Publication of books, manuals, newsletters, and social media pieces

  • Lectures on specific topics at Medical, Spa and Wellness Conferences

  • Training and Certification for becoming an Instructor for ONDAMED and other select bio-medical technologies

  • Training and Certification for advanced practitioners to offer medical consultation according to the philosophies and applied diagnostic and therapeutic use in the clinical practice of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine

  • Working with hospitals, clinics, and private practice to study the effects of ONDAMED and other select bio-medical technologies on patients suffering from a variety of disorders and disease.


Training Courses for Ondamed Practitioners


Basic Training Options

  •     Two full days with Ondamed  Instructor either onsite or at the US Ondamed Headquarters in Cornwall, NY for up to 3 people OR 4 two- hour SKYPE sessions with an Ondamed instructor(limitless participants)
  •     Both forms of training are proceeded by a 1 1/2 hour SKYPE session with Ondamed Instructor for initial set up and basic instruction. A certificate is issued upon completion of either course.
  •     See Syllabus (attached)

Advanced training options

  •     Two day Intensive Practitioner Course taught exclusively by Silvia Binder, ND, PhD at various locations worldwide,- see Events page for schedule
  •     Course includes special IC Practitioner Manual and certification.
  •     See Syllabus (attached)

Private Consultation

  •     In person and SKYPE consultations are available as well as private tutoring for ONDAMED practitioners. Please contact the Institute for details.