dvd-coverFinally available! The ONDAMED Intensive Course held in 2015 in Hollywood, Florida

Our Brazilian partners made it possible. Professionally recorded, edited and packed into 2 hard shell disc cases holding a total of 9 DVDs. This 2-day course gives you an incredible tool to better understand the ONDAMED Technology. Dive into the world of energy medicine with Silvia's "planetory system" of the many different philosophies she teaches and implements in clinical use all over the globe. The philosophies stretch from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda, Anthroposophy, Homeopathy, and more.

She passionately delivers the message of her deeply routed spiritual connection impacting the mental and emotional levels which are then manifested throughout the physiology. She  encourages bravery by turning perspectives 180 degrees while reminding the class of "enjoying a human experience", and making intuition the number one tool in the physician's tool box.

The theoretical and practical teachings of this popular Intensive Course is now available as 9 DVDs. Silvia's love for humanity, science, and her dedication to empowerment and healing is clearly felt in her heart filled message delivered with sparkles of humor.

PURCHASE: $250 - shipping and tax included


Cover IntensiveCourseIntensive Practitioner Course Manual

This 200+ page manual for the in-depth, hands-on Intensive Course covers all aspects of ONDAMED therapy, and exploring physiological and analytical advantages of ONDAMED for any patient. Silvia's planetary system of different methods and philosophies help extend the use of ONDAMED including intuition, homeopathy, anthroposophy, unresolved shock/trauma connected to chronic disease and cancer (Hamer) and more.

Purchase: $150 - shipping and tax included