ONDAMED Case Studies & Peer-Reviewed Articles

This section consists of case stidies along with Peer-Reviewd articles providing excellent examples of the level of effot doctors and practitioners take in finding better wellness solutions for their patients.

Case Studies

A great deal of effort by many practitioners, scientists and researchers have gone into studying the ONDAMED at many different levels. Probably the most noteworthy of all scientists that has been conducting research in the field of energy medicine is Dr. Valerie Hunt. Rather than me explain why, let Dr. Hunt explain it in her own words: 

I am particularly excited about researching the instrument for the following scientific reasons:

  1. The individual analysis of each person’s field as to communication frequency patterns and time recommended for biofeedback is in line with the fact that all communication is patterned and changing. The constant reevaluation of the full field shows adaptive changes and uncovers hidden imbalances. This is the first instrument that I have seen that gives dynamic recording of a living person rather than a static evaluation of dense substances.
  2. Its extensive frequency range of 1Hz to 32 KHz has solved the most difficult problems of transferring energy from outside to inside tissues. The fact is that outside energy must penetrate the electromagnetic field of the human aura surrounding the body and radiating inside thru connective tissue. This unique auric field of each individual becomes a signature which encourages or restricts all communication with outside energies. Therefore outside stimuli must be compatible with this aura or greatly amplified to blast through this barrier. Organs and tissues are nourished by patterns of frequencies 1 to 250 Hz .The additional frequencies to 32 KHz are the microvoltage of the field which when introduced with the lower tissue frequencies provides a perfect interface. Other biofeedback instruments or procedures visual, auditory or tactile will require strong amplitudes to overcome the auric barrier or be inefficiently weak. Over stimulation in turn causes anticoherency in an individual’s auric field, further limiting transactions with outside fields and the body’s electromagnetic pool. The above scientific facts help explain the outstanding clinical treatment reports.
  3. Intuitively I believe that the very high frequencies of the records will give us sound new facts about the elusive human mind and emotions as these control all human capabilities.
  4. Starting summer 2008, my Bioenergy Fields Laboratory will include evaluation of all subjects as we carry out frontier research on hypoxia and inflammation as basic stresses in most diseases. Additionally, we will survey energy of neurological disabilities, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and autism. Results will be summarized and posted on my website www.bioenergyfields.org

Peer Reviewed Articles

In the A4M’s May issue of Anti-Aging Medical News, Dr. Keith R. Holden introduces and discusses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, clinical research that has been conducted documenting the many biological and therapeutic effects. “Despite this research contributing to the development of many types of effective PEMF devices, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared relatively few of these devices for treating specific conditions.” A wide range of medical conditions have been documented through multiple peer-reviewed clinical studies. “Randomized double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials using PEMF therapy have shown beneficial effects for chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, cervical osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis of the knee, lateral epicondylitis, recovery from arthroscopic knee surgery, recovery from interbody lumbar fusions…”

Scientific evidence is accumulating regarding how PEMF therapy may one day gain FDA approval for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. To read the entire article, Click here to read the full Article.