Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D.

► Naturopathic Doctor
► Author
► Educator
► Co-Founder of the Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine

Dr. Silvia Binder is the co-founder of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine in southern Germany and the CEO of the Ondamed Companies in Germany, New York and Nigeria. She was born in Germany, grew up in Vienna, Austria, where she earned her degree in business, and later relocated to New York.

A motorcycle accident at the age of 15 brought her into a coma for 21 days, and she was announced clinically dead five times. She spent her 16th year of life recuperating from her injuries, bound to a wheel chair. It was then that her life changed dramatically by having heightened awareness.

Her personal story with her five-year-old son, who had heart problems and was treated with ONDAMED by her, fueled her passion for complimentary medicine. Silvia earned her diploma in naturopathy from the College of Naturopathy in London, U.K., followed by her Ph.D. degree in naturopathy from the Open University for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Sri Lanka.

She is the author of the book “ONDAMED A story of love, healing, and medical revolution”, scientific peer-reviewed papers, and various articles. As a passionate educator, she is the creator of the CME certified “Biomedical Information Therapy (Bio-IT) Symposium” as well as a unique intensive course on Personalized Integrative Medicine. These educational programs are offered several times per year in various parts of the world.

Dr. Binder has been helping chronically ill patients and providing clinical support to integrative medical physicians from all around the world. Patients suffering from symptoms related to Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, cancer, autism, and various other diseases have enjoyed reaching and maintaining a new level of health and wellbeing in her care.

There are over 4,000 disease labels; this number is growing as new labels are being added on a continuous basis. For her, the more important question is what is behind the disease label: In other words, what dysfunctions are actually prompting the patients’ symptoms? Where are these dysfunctions located on the body? In all reality, any disease and its related symptoms have common denominators: dysfunctional cells, tissue, fluid and energetics. These dysfunctions are expressed physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The goal is to discover the patients’ disruptions in their lifelong health journey to provide a non-invasive personalized and precision treatment solution for achieving a new and lasting state of wellbeing.

Dr. Silvia’s treatment approach is dynamic; using all her available senses, she addresses the needs of each individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her approach is not alternative, but integrative and complimentary to available medical diagnostics and treatment solutions that make sense.

Currently, she is a key stakeholder of Zymonetics (Canada), a contributing author of FAIM (USA), scientific advisory board member of (USA), and an active member of Integrative Medicine West Africa.
Most recently, she was inaugurated by the Federal Minister of Health in Nigeria as expert committee member of the National Institute of Traditional, Complimentary, Alternative Medicine (TCAM) and has taken the role as coordinator of the newly built TCAM Wellbeing Center located right at the Federal Ministry’s building in Abuja, Nigeria.

Sustainable community outreach programs are important to her. She wishes to initiate a domino effect starting in her own community and spreading to nearby ones and beyond, eventually across the globe, by
raising hope, awareness, and mindfulness of optimal wellbeing, joy and creativity.