Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D.

► Naturopathic Doctor
► Author
► Educator
► Co-Founder of the Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine

Dr. Silvia Binder is the Co-Founder of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine in Southern Germany. She was born in Germany, grew up in Vienna, Austria, where she earned her degree in business followed by relocating to New York.

A motorcycle accident at the age of 15 brought her into a coma for 21-days and she was announced clinically dead 5 times. She spent her 16th years of life recuperating from her injuries, bound to a wheel chair. It was then that her life changed dramatically by having heightened awareness.

Her personal story with her 5-year old son, who had heart problems and was treated with ONDAMED by her, fueled her passion for complimentary medicine. Silvia earned her diploma in naturopathy from the College of Naturopathy in London, U.K., followed by her Ph.D. degree in naturopathy from the Open University for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Sri Lanka.
Dr. Binder has been helping chronically ill patients from all around the world. Patients suffering from symptoms related to Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, cancer, autism, and many various other diseases have enjoyed reaching and maintaining a new level of health and wellbeing in her care.

There are over 4,000 disease labels; This number is growing by new labels being added on a continuous basis. The more important question for me is what’s behind the disease label. In other words, what dysfunctions are actually prompting my patients’ symptoms? Where are these dysfunctions located on the body? In all reality, any disease and its related symptoms have one common denominator: dysfunctional cells and tissue. These dysfunctional cells and tissue are expressed physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The goal is to discover the patients’ disruptions in their life long health journey to provide a non-invasive personalized and precision treatment solution for achieving a new and lasting state of well-being.

Dr. Silvia’s treatment approach is dynamic; Using all her available senses, she addresses the needs of each individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. ​Her approach is not alternative but integrative and complimentary to available medical diagnostics and treatment solutions that make sense.
Being a passionate educator, she is a faculty member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine (USA), is on the Scientific Advisory Boards of (USA), Zymonetics (Canada) and Daivam (India), a contributing author of FAIM (USA), and active member of Integrative Medicine West Africa. Silvia collaborates with the Traditional, Complimentary, Alternative Medicine Department of the Nigerian Ministry of Health, community hospitals and university clinics; lectures at diverse scientific events globally, and offers specialized courses for healthcare practitioners.


My main task is two-fold: It is my teaching to medical professionals offering a number of advanced courses that focus on extended diagnostic perspectives along with a variety of pearls of wisdom from different cultures, as well as innovative technologies and therapeutic methods. I believe that the better teacher is one who teaches not only from textbooks, but from ongoing experience, therefore my other main task is being hands-on with patients who suffer from chronic disease and their related symptoms. I see these patients at my private practice, or I consult with them by phone, Zoom, and WhatsApp. This allows me to reach those at far distance, giving them tools to help themselves without necessarily having the expense and needed energy and time to travel to my location.

I collaborate with health ministries, local hospitals and private clinics & practices in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. I am shareholder of Zymonetics, Canada’s first personalized healthcare ACO (accountable managed care organization), author, and lecturer at well recognized medical conferences around the globe.

Sustainable community reach-out programs are important to me. I hope for domino effects taking place in my community and nearby communities touching on other communities by raising hope, awareness, and mindfulness of optimum wellness, joy and creativity.

I am the author of the book “ONDAMED A story of love, healing, and medical revolution” and I write and publish professional articles. I love to teach! I am the creator of the CME certified “Biomedical Information Therapy (Bio-IT) Symposium” and a unique Intensive Course on Personalized Integrative Medicine. These educational programs are offered several times per year in various parts of the world.